It all started when I had a choice to make.

Go to dinner with my friends at this new place or buy the beautiful necklace that will cost me a fortune? I tried every possible way to go around this choice, but I couldn’t. One time, I decided to do both, so I bought a cheaper necklace, spent hours finding the right outfit for it  and went on to the dinner. I spent my dinner scratching my neck and went back home to find that the necklace didn’t only fade to black, but my skin turned green I would rather throw my money in garbage because by the end of the night, the necklace ended up there.

Over the past year I become obsessed to find just the right accessory that keeps its color and fit my outfits. But it became clearer that there is always a sacrifice to make.

We won’t compromise.

I have always believed you shouldn’t have to choose between what is good for you and your skin and what works with your outfits. At CA jewels we aim to prove that you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other.

We are on a mission

Because we know the struggle we are on a mission to help you choose not only the right jewelry but the right outfit for your occasion.

Our standards is to create gold plated accessories, they will keep their color for a long time, hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry if you have allergies and most importantly tarnish free, they maintain the color of your skin.  



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